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As you may already know, when you have inadequate funds in your M-PESA account, Fuliza allows you to complete your transactions. As long as you stay within your Fuliza limit, you can access funds many times. Some might say that Fuliza is like a loan platform for M-PESA users.

Fuliza is available to all M-PESA customers; however, the amount of money you can spend is determined by your creditworthiness and how long you’ve been using M-PESA. To refund your Fuliza, deposit cash into your M-PESA account or receive M-PESA, and your Fuliza balance will be promptly deducted.

For new users, you will typically be granted restrictions that are gradually increased over time based on active usage of Safaricom services, including M-PESA. However, such increases are only implemented following a three-month examination by Safaricom.

However, if some of the comments on this popular mobile loans Facebook page are trusted, the matrix looks to have a problem.

How to Hack Fuliza Limit

One member just discovered that he could circumvent Safaricom protocols and increase his limit tenfold without having to wait three months for a Fuliza limit review!

This elicited a barrage of answers, with some users conceding that it was possible but that there was a 50/50 chance that one’s limit would be increased or reset to zero!

Enough of my rambling; what is the secret to increasing your Fuliza limit? All you have to do is Opt-out and then Opt-in again.

This hack may or may not apply to you. Some consumers testified that the method worked, while others discovered that their loan was reset to zero after using the trick. You can decide to try the trick if you believe it is worthwhile.

If the strategy worked for you, I recommend you not opt-out again to extend your restriction further. It may work for some people, but you may lose it all, and your limit may revert to zero.

If you’ve used this approach before, did it work for you? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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