MoneyGram Tracking | How to track your MoneyGram Transfer

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Considering that millions of people use MoneyGram worldwide, this article will show you the simplest way to track your MoneyGram transfer online in minutes.

With over 200,000 agents in practically every country, one might be tempted to make a transaction using MoneyGram, especially to your client or family outside the country.

Moneygram not only has a global network of agents but also has a more straightforward method of sending and receiving money directly from your bank account.

But the most frequently asked question is, ‘How do I track my MoneyGram transfer?’ It is uncomplicated. If you want to find out how to track your Moneygram transfer, read on.

What to Keep in Mind About MoneyGram Tracking

MoneyGram not only has an extensive network of agents all around the world, but they also cooperate with various financial institutions to streamline the transaction process on the MoneyGram platform.

So, if you have transferred money using MoneyGram or intend to receive money, you must keep track of your MoneyGram transfer. This will allow you to ‘be in the know about your money. It will also allow you to track when the money is delivered to the recipient of the cash you spend.

MoneyGram Tracking is always accessible to help you track your MoneyGram transfer. It will show you all of the information you need about the money you just gave or are expecting to receive through their platform.

The receiver doesn’t need to have an account before you can send them money.

MoneyGram Tracking Number

The Money Transfer Control Number or tracking number is one of the requirements you will be requested to submit while tracking your MoneyGram transfer. During your MoneyGram transaction, you will be issued a tracking number for free.

The tracking number serves as a tool for tracking your fund. It makes things easier. Anyone sending you money through the MoneyGram platform must provide you with a Money Transfer  Control Number or MTCN. This will function as a tracking tool, allowing you to see when your cash is ready to be collected.

When tracing your MoneyGram transfer, you will be prompted to enter an 8-digit reference number known as the Money Transfer Control Number. Along with the sender’s surname.

The Moneygram website will show you the tracking details of your MoneyGram transfer as soon as you provide that information.

How to track your MoneyGram Transfer

Both the sender and the person receiving the money can track the transfer and view the transfer status. Before we begin, you will need to give the following information:


  • If you are the sender, you will need the Money Transfer Control Number, often known as the tracking number. This is usually an eight-digit reference number.

  • If you are the receiver, you will need the 8-digit reference number, Money Transfer Control Number, tracking number, and the sender’s last name.

If you have received these criteria, you can now track your money immediately by following these steps:

  • Go to the Moneygram website
  • Click on Track + Receive from the menu
  • The website will prompt you to enter your reference number or authorization number, as well as the sender’s last name.
  • Then Click Track your Money
  • Wait for a short period for the tracking information to appear.

It would be best if you got a display of the complete tracking information for the reference number. This will allow you to determine whether or not your cash is ready to be received.

Any unsuccessful tracking could be the consequence of a mistyped reference or tracking number or an inaccurate spelling of the sender’s surname.


Please remember that an authorization number is a unique number provided to each transaction for tracking purposes. This number is also included in the sender’s confirmation email.

Meanwhile, when you successfully send money, an 8-digit Reference number is provided for the transaction. If you want to pick up your money in cash, the receiver must have this number.

And you can only find this number in the email you received when the money was ready for pickup. Meanwhile, if you are receiving, you must inquire about your send.

Please keep in mind that both the sender and the receiver can track the money transfer. The sender holds the authorization or reference numbers, and the receiver must obtain them from the sender.

Both sides, however, are entitled to that viewpoint. Moneygram routinely warns against sending money to someone you don’t know because they cannot return money sent to the incorrect person!

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