How to Check and Increase Your M-Shwari Loan Limit (2024)

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M-Shwari, a revolutionary mobile banking platform offered by Safaricom in partnership with the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA), has transformed the way Kenyans access quick and convenient loans. With M-Shwari, individuals can easily access loans directly from their mobile phones, helping them meet their financial needs in a fast and efficient manner. If you’re curious about your M-Shwari loan limit and want to know how much you’re eligible to borrow, this post will guide you through the simple steps to check your loan limit.

How to Check Your M-Shwari Loan Limit

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Accessing M-Shwari Menu

To begin, make sure you have an active M-Pesa account linked to your mobile number. Dial *234# or navigate to your phone sim toolkit on your mobile phone to access the M-Pesa menu. Select “M-Shwari” from the menu options and enter your M-Pesa PIN when prompted.

Step 2: Checking Loan Limit

Once you’re inside the M-Shwari menu, select the option that says “Loans.” Next, choose “Check Loan Limit” from the list of loan services provided. This action will prompt M-Shwari to evaluate your account and provide you with your current loan limit.

Step 3: Loan Limit Confirmation

After requesting to check your loan limit, M-Shwari will send you a message confirming your eligibility and the maximum loan amount you can access. The message will contain details such as your loan limit, repayment duration, and applicable interest rates. It’s essential to carefully review this information to ensure you understand the terms and conditions associated with your M-Shwari loan.

Step 4: Managing Your Loan

If you’re satisfied with the loan limit provided and wish to borrow, you can proceed to apply for a loan within your approved limit. Simply follow the instructions provided within the M-Shwari menu to initiate the loan application process. Remember to read and agree to the terms and conditions before confirming your loan request.

How to Increase Your M-Shwari Loan Limit

How to increase M-Shwari loan limit

1. Build a Positive Credit History

One of the key factors in increasing your M-Shwari loan limit is maintaining a positive credit history. This means borrowing responsibly and repaying your loans on time. Timely loan repayments demonstrate your creditworthiness and responsible financial behavior to M-Shwari. By consistently meeting your repayment obligations, you can enhance your chances of obtaining a higher loan limit in the future.

2. Regular M-Pesa Transactions

Engaging in regular M-Pesa transactions can also contribute to an increased M-Shwari loan limit. Ensure that you use your M-Pesa account frequently for various transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, and payments. A consistent transaction history showcases your financial activity and can positively influence M-Shwari’s assessment of your loan eligibility.

3. Maintain Sufficient Savings

M-Shwari considers your savings balance as an important factor in determining your loan limit. Therefore, it’s beneficial to maintain a healthy savings balance in your M-Shwari account. Regularly depositing and saving money in your M-Shwari account demonstrates your financial discipline and potential to handle higher loan amounts. Aim to build a sizeable savings balance over time to enhance your chances of an increased loan limit.

4. Utilize Available Loan Facilities

To improve your loan limit, it’s essential to utilize the loan facilities offered by M-Shwari regularly. Demonstrating responsible borrowing behavior, such as repaying loans on time and consistently using available loan services, indicates to M-Shwari that you can handle higher borrowing amounts. By responsibly managing your existing loans and leveraging the available facilities, you increase your chances of a higher loan limit.

5. Request a Loan Limit Review

If you have followed the above steps and believe you are ready for a higher loan limit, you can request a loan limit review directly from M-Shwari. Access the M-Shwari menu on your mobile phone by dialing *234#, navigating to the “Loans” section, and selecting the option for “Request Loan Limit Increase.” M-Shwari will evaluate your account history and financial activity to determine whether you qualify for a higher loan limit.


Checking your M-Shwari loan limit is a straightforward process that allows you to assess your eligibility and plan your financial decisions accordingly. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly determine your borrowing capacity and make informed choices about accessing funds through M-Shwari. Remember to borrow responsibly and repay your loans on time to maintain a healthy financial profile.

Increasing your M-Shwari loan limit is achievable by following these steps and maintaining a responsible financial track record. Build a positive credit history, engage in regular M-Pesa transactions, maintain sufficient savings, and responsibly utilize the available loan facilities. By demonstrating your financial discipline and creditworthiness, you can enhance your chances of securing a higher loan limit with M-Shwari. Remember to borrow within your means and repay your loans promptly to maintain a healthy financial profile.

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