List of All Postal Codes in Kenya

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We all can say that the era of the use of pen and paper to send letters as a form of communication is over, but the importance of postal codes and zip codes remains supreme. These alphanumeric codes serve as keys to unlocking the seamless movement of mail, packages, and communication across the nation. In this blog post, we present a comprehensive list of Kenya’s postal codes, shedding light on the diverse areas they represent and the importance they hold in streamlining logistics and enhancing communication.

Understanding the Significance of Postal Codes

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes in some countries, are numerical or alphanumeric codes assigned to specific geographic regions. These codes are the backbone of efficient mail delivery and logistics. In Kenya, postal codes hold a special place in the nation’s infrastructure, ensuring that letters, parcels, and communication reach their intended destinations with accuracy and speed.

Exploring Kenya’s Postal Code Structure

Kenya’s postal codes consist of six characters, combining both numbers and letters. Each postal code is designed to provide information about the geographic location it represents, from larger regions to smaller localities. Let’s break down the structure of a Kenya postal code: “XXX00.”

  • XXX: The first three characters represent the code for a specific town or region.
  • 00: The last two digits indicate a particular postal area within the designated town or region.

List of Kenya Postal Codes

Here is a selection of postal codes for major towns and regions across Kenya:

Kewnya postal codes on map


  • Nairobi Central: 00100
  • Westlands: 00800
  • Upper Hill: 00100
  • Kilimani: 00505
  • Parklands: 00623
  • Lang’ata: 00509


  • Mombasa Island: 80100
  • Nyali: 80118
  • Kizingo: 80114
  • Tudor: 80105


  • Kisumu Central: 40100
  • Mamboleo: 40139
  • Nyalenda: 40142


  • Nakuru Central: 20100
  • Milimani: 20117


  • Eldoret Central: 30100
  • Elgon View: 30103


  • Kisii Central: 40200
  • Nyamataro: 40201


  • Thika Central: 01000
  • Makongeni: 01001


  • Kitale Central: 30200
  • Milimani: 30204


  • Nyeri Central: 10100
  • Kamakwa: 10101


  • Embu Central: 60100
  • Majimbo: 60103


  • Meru Central: 60200
  • Makutano: 60202


  • Kakamega Central: 50100
  • Malava: 50103


  • Kisumu Central: 40100
  • Mamboleo: 40139


  • Naivasha Town: 20117
  • Mai Mahiu: 20147


  • Lamu Town: 80500
  • Mokowe: 80501

Finding and Using Kenya’s Postal Codes

To locate the postal code for a specific location in Kenya, you can turn to online resources like the Kenya Post website or the National Addressing System (NAS). Simply enter the name of the area, and you’ll receive the corresponding postal code. These tools are invaluable for ensuring accurate addressing, smooth mail delivery, and efficient e-commerce transactions.


Kenya’s postal codes are far more than just combinations of characters; they are the threads that weave the fabric of a connected nation. They enable seamless mail delivery, streamline e-commerce, and even play a role in emergency response systems. By familiarizing ourselves with Kenya’s diverse postal codes, we gain a deeper understanding of the nation’s geography, economy, and the mechanisms that keep everything interconnected.

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